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Upcoming Trainings and Seminars : August/Septmber 2019


Training/ Seminar

Dates & Venue


Digital Forensics & Investigations Training

Corporate Cyber Security Strategies and Governance Seminar

Ethical Hacking/ Penetration Testing Training

Ethical Hacking/ Penetration Testing Training

Part Time Training Programmes

Ethical Hacking/ Penetration Testing Training - Part time (Day/Evening/Weekends)

Applications Developers/Programmers Training- (Day/Evening/Weekends)
- Web programming (PHP, ASP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS,MySQL)
- Mobile Apps Programming (Java and Android)

- Database Programming (SQL, MySQL, Ms SQL Server, Oracle Developer)

PHP-MySQL Programming for Web Applications Developers Training - (Day/Evening/Weekends)

Linux training (Day/Evening/Weekends)


CyberRoam Africa Technologies LTD is a Cyber Security Consulting company providing wide variety of products and services in the field of cyber security and application development. Specific specialization include Penetration testing, Digitial Forensics & Investigations, and Cyber Security Awareness.

The company has operations in Kenya, East Africa and Africa in general.




To develop cyber security products and services in the all core aspects of information security for organizations - Web , Applications, Operating Systems, Users, Network and Physical security, in order to build a secure business environment.


Practical oriented, customer centric, and product & service customization to suit specific customer needs.






Cyber Security Training

CyberRoam Africa Technologies LTD offers a wide range of specialized cyber security programmes. This include:

o Certified Ethical Hacking/Penetration Testing Training
o Digital Forensics & Investigation Training

o End User Cyber Security Awareness Training
o Secure Applications development Training
o Web Security Training

o Network Security Training
o Linux Training



Pentration Testing Services

We offer penetration testing (PEN-TEST) services to organization systems and infrastructure to identify potential vulnerabilities against Cyber Attacks.
 A pen test is a simulates hacker attack on a network, system, application or website with objective to discover existing weaknesses. Read more


Digital Forensics & Investigation Services

We offer Private Digital Forensics & Investigation services to private companies. Incase of any Digital/Computer Based crime, we help in evidence seizure, evidence handling and data preservation, through to investigation and interpretation and finally the reporting and presentation of findings for the purpose of prosecution or for any other decision making purpose. Read more


Corporate End User Cyber Security Awareness

This is cyber security sensitization program for corporate employees. The objective is to ensure employees are equipped with the best practices, do’s and don’ts surrounding organizational security and data protection. The programme equip employees with awareness knowledge of the threats around them and train them how to react to those threats.Read more





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